Obituaries: Cath Ellis and Andi Soshal. Campaigners for the working class

Obituary: Cath Ellis – a lifelong campaigner for the working class

Jane Nellist, Coventry Socialist Party

Cath was a long standing Coventry Socialist Party member who cut her teeth as the Secretary of the Carlisle Anti-Poll Tax Union, once famously chasing Tory MP (and future leader) Michael Howard down the street.

Cath was a campaigner for the Hillsborough 97, as her father was the oldest victim, killed in April 1989 at the FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.

Cath also campaigned for more resources for women experiencing domestic violence.

More recently, Cath found it hard to be an active member due to ill health, but she supported our campaigns, especially on the NHS.

Her family placed a copy of The Socialist newspaper in her coffin “so she would have something to read”.

Obituary: Andi Soshal – missed by Northampton Socialist Party

Katie Simpson, Northampton Socialist Party

Andi Soshal sadly passed away in his sleep on the 3 March. Andi first attended Northampton Socialist Party meetings in 2018. He described himself as a big, gay, atheist goth. Having grappled with his faith and sexuality while living in Texas, he had found pride in who he was and came to Northampton searching for an organisation that supported his views.

He joined the Socialist Party immediately and was incredibly enthusiastic about Marxism, keen to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible. He threw himself into political activity, attending a local protest within his first month of joining (pictured). Unfortunately, Andi suffered serious health issues shortly thereafter.

Visiting him in the hospital, as we walked into his bay he was having a heated debate with another patient. He apologised (a common trait of Andi’s) and told us of his health struggles and how brilliant the staff were.

Andi would often have a whole room belly laughing at his quips. He was infectiously positive and kind with endless praise for those he looked up to politically. He made it abundantly clear that he was proud to be a member of the Socialist Party. We will miss him terribly but remember him as the struggle continues.