Joint statement on NSSN anti-cuts conference

Statement on meeting between Bob Crow (RMT general secretary), Alex Gordon (RMT president), Bill Mullins (Socialist Party and co-organiser of the NSSN) and Linda Taaffe (Socialist Party and secretary of the NSSN)

A successful meeting was held which illuminated our agreement on a number of issues, including the vital importance of striving to convince the whole trade union movement to mobilise in a broad, united campaign against austerity cuts around the slogan of ‘No to all cuts in jobs and services’. Bob Crow and Alex Gordon agree with the proposal of the NSSN steering committee of 4 December 2010 to launch an anti-cuts campaign around that slogan.

We also agree with the recent proposal made by Matt Wrack (FBU, General Secretary) that fighting trade unions can and should take a leading role in this debate by initiating a broad based anti-cuts conference and inviting the various campaigns and organisations to participate in building a genuine and democratic campaign which could establish itself as an important focus of leadership in the coming period.

A number of misunderstandings were clarified. Linda Taaffe and Bill Mullins explained that the steering committee was not proposing to change the constitution of the NSSN in any way, but was only arguing for an additional campaigning anti-cuts committee to be founded in order that the NSSN can play a full part alongside community organisations and political parties in building a united movement against austerity cuts.

They also explained that the steering committee was not proposing that the NSSN, nor the anti-cuts campaign (were it to be set up by the conference on 22nd January), would stand candidates in elections.

The meeting agreed to urge all opponents of the cuts to attend the anti-cuts conference on 22nd January in order to take part in the discussion on what the NSSN steering committee is actually proposing.

Wednesday 12 January 2011