Workers in Wales push the far-right back

Cardiff Socialist Party member

On Saturday 25 March, hundreds of protestors gathered in Llantwit Major to oppose the far-right. Campaigners stood alongside workers from the community to make clear they didn’t want racist ideas being spread around their homes. Around 10-15 fascists had made the trip to Llantwit hoping to spread division. The far-right group ended up finding no audience for their rhetoric – they were outnumbered and out chanted by anti-racist protestors.

Tails tucked between their legs, and escorted by police, the fascists left Llantwit just as they had in Hull the week before. It is vital that local people and the trade unions are mobilised to drive them and their ideas out of communities.

Socialist Party Wales members put forward the slogan “jobs and homes not racism”, that resonated with people, cutting across the idea that resources are scarce and people have to fight amongst each other, instead of taking the wealth and resources from the bosses to provide housing and a decent standard of living for all.