Climate change protesters. Photo: Paul Mattsson
Climate change protesters. Photo: Paul Mattsson

Mila Hughes, Coventry Socialist Party

Average global temperatures are likely to rise to 1.5ºC and beyond by 2027, according to recently released figures from the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). The report confirmed that this would send the world into “uncharted territory” with a “marked acceleration of human impacts.” But it is inhumane corporations that are the main driving force of this global catastrophe. As a system geared towards profit, the capitalist system is unable to solve the climate crisis.

Countries are also advised to stay prepared for health, food security, and water management issues. We are already seeing this and other consequences of the climate crisis rapidly getting worse, and will continue to do so.

Parts of northern Italy recently received half the average annual rainfall in just 36 hours. Rivers burst banks and thousands of acres of farmland flooded, with an estimated 20,000 people left homeless and 13 killed.

The hidden hand of private ownership means giant corporations dominate the economy. Rather than remedying this cry for help from the planet, the capitalist class will look for more ways to profit from it. Competition between capitalist states, and between individual capitalists, prevents the global collaboration needed.

The WMO’s report says that it is 66% likely for us to reach 1.5ºC, despite countries committing to not go beyond it under the 2015 Paris climate agreement. The promises made by capitalism and its political representatives are empty.

In order to stop and reverse climate change and fight its effects, a global systematic change is required. A socialist society, with nationalisation of energy, transport and the world’s biggest banks and companies can allow for the use of resources to be planned democratically by the working class. This is what is needed to provide tangible solutions to climate crisis, and ensure a safe and decent life for all.