RCN nurses strike in Swansea. Photo: Alec Thraves
RCN nurses strike in Swansea. Photo: Alec Thraves

Beth Webster, RCN member in Wales             

The nurses’ strikes continue in Wales. As many as 40 were on our picket line at University Hospital Wales, in Cardiff. Public support has been excellent from passing traffic.

Staff feel the turnout on the picket line has been affected by the acceptance of deals by other unions and the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) leadership’s last-minute cancellation of the most recent strike days.

Pat Cullen, RCN general secretary, visited on 6 June. She spoke about continuing the fight and not giving up, despite having recommended acceptance of a below-inflation deal in England!

Plaid Cymru MS’s (Members of the Welsh parliament) visited too – they spoke of increasing nurses’ pay but put forward no real strategy of how to force the Labour administration to pay up. In fact, Plaid are in a ‘cooperation agreement’ with Labour in the Senedd.

We had a good response inviting strikers to come with us to the NSSN conference in London on 24 June. The strike continues on 7 June, and 12-13 July.