Tewkesbury workers take on Swedish multinational

Dave Griffiths, Coventry Socialist Party, spoke to Unite members at Trelleborg

120 shop floor workers at Trelleborg in Tewkesbury, members of Unite the Union, have won an increased pay rise following ten days of discontinuous strike action over three weeks.

The Swedish multinational had boasted of its best-ever quarter and had given its CEO a huge benefit pay-out, yet only offered a 4.7% rise.

Industrial action has secured an 8% rise plus two net, but unconsolidated, payments of £250, making the deal worth 10.5-11.5%. There will be a further 3% rise in January, to be renegotiated if inflation is higher than 5%.

The workers had sought a rise above Decembers’ RPI figure of 13.4%.

Hardly any worker there had ever been on strike before, but a strong sense of union solidarity has been built, with members understanding the union phrase: ‘You don’t get anything by not standing up for yourself’.