IT upgrade appeal smashed

Keep donating to boost Socialist Party tech capacity

In May, the Socialist Party launched a £15,000 special appeal to fund the upgrade of our IT and data storage system. This was necessary in order to replace the current system, which is no longer supported and will cease to function.

That target has been smashed! £24,084 has already been paid in, with more pledged to be paid in July. Payments will be accepted until the end of July – and, although the target has been hit, these are needed given that costs have risen since the initial budget. 

This response to the appeal shows confidence in our party and our ideas. The new IT and data system is necessary for the Socialist Party to be able to play our vital role in helping to cohere the working class around a programme for socialism. It will allow us to continue to produce the Socialist paper, Socialism Today magazine, and all the leaflets, posters, strike bulletins and other material we produce, to help get socialist ideas out to workers and young people looking for a way to fight back.

We strive, to the best of our ability within the limits of capitalism, to also safely store and preserve our Marxist analysis – to arm current and future generations in the struggle against capitalism.

Visit and put ‘IT upgrade appeal in the comment box when you make your donation