NASUWT strike in Swansea. Photo: Swansea Socialist Party
NASUWT strike in Swansea. Photo: Swansea Socialist Party

Alec Thraves, Swansea Trades Council and Socialist Party

Hundreds of NASUWT members (the biggest teachers’ union in Wales) walked out of secondary schools across Swansea to support a colleague who is being victimised by Swansea’s Labour-controlled council.

92% voted for strike action to defend a teacher who intervened to stop two boys fighting. After being initially disciplined, the teacher was exonerated on appeal, but was then, unbelievably, sacked after a second appeal.

NASUWT Wales national officer Neil Butler said: “Our members are being put in an impossible situation – they can be disciplined if they intervene to protect the safety of children, but they can also be disciplined if they fail to intervene!”

At the protest rally outside the council’s Guildhall, several dozen members and supporters were in a determined mood to defend their victimised colleague.

One angry teacher said: “Yes, this is a local dispute, but it affects every teacher in the country. If we don’t achieve reinstatement now then no teacher can feel safe against this type of employer’s bullying and threatening behaviour. If this is not resolved by Swansea Council then we will be out again!”