Youth fight for jobs placards. Photo: Paul Mattsson
Youth fight for jobs placards. Photo: Paul Mattsson

Poverty, housing, insecure work – its not just me, but almost all young people

Harrison Box, Brighton Socialist Party

Picture this. You’re interested in politics at an early age, you are filled with passion, dedication and curiosity, you want to help make society a better place for the majority.

You do everything right. You work hard, you get the grades, you get the degree. Now, you can go and contribute to society, to make a change, and to start a life.

You live in a country where you will be worse off than your parents. Where you are stuck renting in insecure housing, giving upwards of 50% of your income on rent, where the cost of existing is borderline unbearable.

The added shock on your face when you see that the global pandemic has exacerbated inequalities in this country to a level not seen since World War Two. The rich have profited, while young people are faced with the prospect of ‘generation rent’, low wages and insecure work. Where 10% of households hold 42% of the wealth.

The Tories and the capitalist press then tell us that we just have too many Netflix subscriptions, avocado on toast, or Starbucks coffee. That we should be focused on issues of identity, culture, on what you choose to wear.

And then, to add insult to injury, the party founded by trade unions – Labour – the party originally built by the working class, now instead appeals to the ultra-rich. The party you had believed in, and the party that, with Jeremy Corbyn as leader, gave hope.

The person in this story is me, but it is not a unique story, it is one of thousands of young people in this country. Despite their passion and optimism, they are now being faced with the death of their political spirit.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, consider getting involved with a local Socialist Party branch. Leave this world better than you found it.