Strike together placard. Photo: Tommy Liverpool
Strike together placard. Photo: Tommy Liverpool

New anti-union ‘minimum service levels’ legislation is on the statute books. Workers at NHS trusts in London, university and college teachers, rail workers, junior doctors and consultants – all set to take action this autumn – could face attacks.

Failure to deliver a ‘minimum level of service’ demanded by the government and employers could see unions faced with huge fines, and workers losing legal protection from facing the sack.

It is not known if and when the laws will be used for the first time. But the trade union and workers’ movement must prepare now for a coordinated response.

The Trades Union Congress meets from 10-13 September – representing 7 million workers. Congress must be used to lay out a strategy to defend those sanctioned and defeat the legislation, including organising a weekend demonstration this autumn, and planning what is Unite the Union’s 2023 conference policy – a 24-hour general strike in response if the laws are used.

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