Socialism 2022 rally
Socialism 2022 rally

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There is no better place to be on the 25 and 26 November. Join hundreds of other working-class fighters and socialist activists in London, coming together to draw on shared experiences and hammer out how best to organise and fight for every possible gain for the working class, and struggle for socialist change worldwide.

Mass protests and strikes, and revolutionary opportunities, are the new normal. As is the increasing polarisation and fracturing of the capitalist world riddled with debt, stagflation and crises. The ruling class see no way out except on the backs of the working class.

That’s why we have to be the best prepared and armed with ideas, programme and tactics, to stop them in their tracks.

110 years ago, the Bolshevik Party was formed, it went on to lead the working class to take power in Russia in 1917. 100 years ago, Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky launched the fight against Stalinist degeneration of the new workers’ state by forming the Left Opposition. 40 years ago, Britain’s miners began their epic strike against Thatcher’s attacks, and Liverpool’s socialist city council took shape. Socialism 2023 will draw on the lessons from all these events, using the tools of Marxism – Marxist economics and dialectics – to prepare how to defeat the Tory anti-union laws, help save the NHS, fight climate change with socialist change, and make sure working-class people get a voice in the next general election.

As well as the annual rally for socialism on the Saturday night, this year will have two Sunday closing rallies to send everyone off back to the fight; one on the struggles of students and young people taking place today, and the other on the fight for a workers’ list at the next general election.

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