Cuts, closures, privatisation or crumbling concrete. The Tories have no answers. And Socialism 2023 will be the place for workers and young people to discuss the ideas that can bring them down – but not leave it at replacing them with Keir Starmer’s Tory-lite offer.

But with wages leaving us short, working-class people have become used to being stopped at the door. Being priced out of music gigs, football and other sports events, is now taken for a given that most people don’t even bother trying. We don’t get the complimentary tickets like Wes Streeting.

For Socialism 2023, we are determined no one will be priced out, and want to do what we can to help everyone who wants to fight the Tories to attend on 25 and 26 November.

So, we have worked hard to make sure we can now keep our prices the same as last year. No inflation here. Just ideas about how to fight for inflation-proof pay.

That means it’s even easier to ask and convince your workmates, friends, striking workers you have met on the picket line, and anyone you meet out campaigning or at freshers, that there is no better place to be the weekend of Socialism 2023.

Join hundreds of other working-class fighters and socialist activists in London, coming together to draw on shared experiences, and hammer out how best to organise and fight for every possible gain for the working class, and struggle for socialist change worldwide.

New student offer!

And, we have introduced a new student offer. For a tenner a day, a student can get a ticket to Socialism 2023.

Saturday includes the evening ‘Rally for socialism’. And Sunday will include the afternoon ‘Socialist Student fightback’ rally. You can also upgrade to a ‘Golden ticket‘ – which includes Saturday night hostel accommodation.

Don’t miss out on the best opportunity to discuss how to change the world this year.

Lenny Shail, Socialism 2023 organiser