Socialist Party at Plymouth climate protest
Socialist Party at Plymouth climate protest

Socialist nationalisation popular, but capitalist ‘green’ initiatives not

Alex Sampson, Plymouth Socialist Party

Socialist Party members joined a rally by Climate Action Plymouth, in coordination with other protests. Many attendees were keen to speak with us.

Those who approached our Socialist Party campaign stall for more information about our solutions to the climate crisis unanimously agreed that the capitalist system has no interest in solving the crisis – there is profit to be made from the status quo, for example.

Our call

Our call for a socialist approach to the climate crisis – nationalisation of electricity, gas, water, and transport companies, and strong investment in green initiatives – was seen as a welcome change to the usual solutions of barely punitive fines and weak regulation under capitalism.

Unfortunately, the turnout for the protest was relatively low for such an important issue. And, in contrast to the welcome we received from protesters, some members of the public were more apathetic and hostile to the march.

While this negativity could be disheartening, it is also understandable, within the context of the current debate. Hugely polluting companies, such as BP, are given multimillion-pound subsidies, and pay almost no UK tax, while making record profits. Meanwhile, ordinary workers are expected to pay the price for capitalist pollution and climate change, via ‘ultra-low emission zone’ (Ulez) traffic schemes.


It is imperative, therefore, for Socialist Party members to reframe discussion around climate change, as it is undoubtedly a class issue. It will continue to effect workers as temperatures rise to unsafe levels in communities and workplaces.

We must encourage workers to unite to create a socialist future. Only then will we have decent, safe working conditions, and a sustainably run planet for us all.

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