Trade unionist support for Chris Sermanni – Rutherglen and Hamilton West Scottish TUSC candidate

We, the undersigned, are pleased to offer our support to Chris Sermanni, the Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate for the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election.

The impact of the cost-of-living crisis has been devastating for workers and trade union members. The strike wave that we have seen is an appropriate response to falling wages, threats to jobs, and attacks on our conditions of work.

It is a step forward that this struggle can be represented by a trade union fighter like Chris who, as a Unison trade union convenor, has been to the forefront in the battle for pay rises and against cuts.

Workers and trade unionists need a political voice. Labour under Keir Starmer has removed all vestiges of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies. The Scottish National Party in power has been a conveyor belt for Tory cuts and offers no way forward for workers.

It is therefore positive that there is a candidate in the by-election who is advocating the need for the trade unions to build a new party for the working class.

As well as public ownership of the major sectors of the economy, a £15-an-hour minimum wage, an end to all anti-union laws and for the building of mass coordinated strike action by unions for pay rises that at least match inflation.

Chris’s commitment to live on the average wage of a skilled worker, if elected, is a refreshing change from the usual career politicians more than happy to pocket the £80,000-plus wage for an MP.

We’d encourage all trade unionists who want to see a trade union and workers’ candidate standing on socialist policies to support Chris Sermanni.

Signed in a personal capacity

  • Lyn-Marie O’Hara, Unison NEC
  • Brian Smith, Unison Glasgow Branch Secretary
  • Kath Stirling, Unison Glasgow Branch Chair
  • Stephen McCann, Unison Glasgow Assistant Service Conditions Officer
  • Tricia McLeish, Glasgow Unison Neighbourhoods and Sustainability Convenor
  • Ingrid Bain, Unison Steward and one of the Glasgow equal pay strike leaders
  • Mary McCusker, Unison Branch Chair University of the West of Scotland
  • Jim McFarlane, Unison Branch Secretary Dundee City
  • Ian Frampton – Aberdeen City Unison
  • Gary Clark – CWU Branch Secretary Scotland No.2 branch
  • Peter Knox, CWU rep, Glasgow AMAL
  • John Carr – CWU Highland AMAL
  • Joan Hartnel, CWU rep and Lead Union Learning Rep Scotland No.2 branch
  • Wayne Scott – Unite Scotland Youth Committee
  • Jim Halfpenny – EIS joint secretary West Dunbartonshire

Scottish TUSC is a coalition of trade unionists, socialists and anti-cuts campaigners. Two branches of the CWU – Scotland No 2 branch and Highland AMAL are also affiliated to Scottish TUSC. To donate or find out more about the campaign visit