Blair On The Ropes

Iraq, foundation hospitals, top-up tuition fees…

Blair On The Ropes

Deliver the knockout blow

Build a new workers’ party

  • 50% want him to go.
  • 53% say war with Iraq was unjustified.
  • 52% think New Labour’s policies won’t improve public services.

TONY BLAIR says he’s feeling “battered”. And so he should.

There is burning anger about the way New Labour are destroying our public services.

People have had enough of lies and spin. Tens of thousands voiced their opposition to war and the occupation of Iraq on the streets of London on 27 September.

Even his own party members are against him on foundation hospitals and top-up tuition fees.

But although Blair’s wounded he’s still not out.

It’s clear that Blair, Brown and the rest of the party leadership will go on listening to the fat-cat corporations rather than to ordinary working people.

That’s why, as well as demonstrations, protests and action in the workplaces, we need a new workers’ party that can channel growing anger and frustration into a positive socialist alternative to all the big-business parties.

Join us now and help make it happen.