Donate to the Socialist Party
Donate to the Socialist Party

Isai Priya, Socialist Party treasurer

As October begins, the Socialist Party’s third quarter comes to an end. Typically the third quarter has always been the hardest to reach our target because of the summer period, and we are pleased to announce that we have reached our target by collecting £25,002.  

Our members and supporters had a very busy quarter indeed. We were out on our Saturday campaign stalls across the country and attended picket lines of workers on strike, as well as protests and demonstrations. 

With four weeks to go, we still had £10,000 left to reach our target. Our branches organised even more street activities and fundraising events. 

Southampton West raised £15 on a stall campaigning on free school meals, Leicester raised £28.50, Sheffield South East £19.50 and Cardiff West £150.20 out campaigning, on top of selling dozens of copies of the Socialist. Coventry branch collected £26.60 in donations for their homemade badges and rock cakes, and a member in Enfield donated £50 by selling clothes on Vinted.

Thank you to everyone that worked hard to help us reach out target and helping to spread the socialist ideas that are needed to win better living standards for all.

The first week of October begins the new, and final, quarter of 2023. Every quarter, we have a target to raise £25,000 to ensure we have the funds to maintain our campaigning and to have the materials to use in our fight for socialism. This is so we can continue producing our weekly newspaper, a monthly magazine and the vast array of leaflets and posters on various campaigns. Please continue to support us and the campaigns in your areas. Find the nearest branch to you and join us in our activities.

Quiz quids in!

You may know the last home secretary of the 20th century but do you know the current host of Countdown?

In a quiz, the individual has a role to play but the joint endeavour is more important. And, if all goes well, the sense of community extends beyond just the team and you may then realise that, as a group of people in a room, you can answer all the questions. Everybody has made a contribution. And, let’s not forget, it’s good fun!

The quiz as a model of collective action? We tried it the other night in Walthamstow and raised £210. I would recommend it.

Roy Wills, Waltham Forest Socialist Party