More Money For Public Services: end The Occupation Of Iraq

More Money For Public Services: End The Occupation Of Iraq

ANOTHER 1,200 British troops are being sent to occupy Iraq, with at least 1,000 more to follow.

Bush and Blair’s war and occupation of Iraq for oil and profits have resulted in total chaos. But as usual it’s working-class people who pay the price – whether they be Iraqi civilians, US and British soldiers or workers at home.

It’s costing £2 billion a year just to keep the British troops that are already in Iraq. That’s money that could be spent on improving the NHS, helping our kids get a decent education or paying postal workers and other public sector workers a living wage.

But this New Labour government will always put the profits of big business first. And they will lie and spin in the process.

Show your opposition by coming on the 27 September demonstration in London.

We say:

  • End the occupation of Iraq. Bring the troops home now.
  • Let the Iraqi people democratically decide their own future.
  • Money for public services, not war and occupation.
  • It’s time for liar Blair and his big business party to go.
  • Build a new mass workers’ party that can offer a socialist alternative to New Labour and the other capitalist parties.