Of lying about weapons of mass destruction

Of destroying our public services

Of increasing the gap between rich and poor

WHILE BLAIR sunbathed in Barbados, one-third of people couldn’t even afford to take a holiday. Those that do manage to get a break come back facing rising debts, worsening conditions at work, deteriorating public services and little hope of a decent pension.

As Blair returns to face the Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly, we should demand an inquiry by working-class and community organisations into how Blair lied about the war which brought death and devastation to Iraq.

But this government should also stand trial for what it has done to our health service, education and other public services. As always, big business has benefited from the huge profits extracted from the privatisation of our public services.

New Labour and all the established parties always back the rich against the rest of us. We need to build a new party that will fight for the interests of working-class people.

Join the Socialist Party and help make that happen.