Marion Lloyd (third from right) supporting ACAS and Insolvency Service members on strike. Photo: SP
Marion Lloyd (third from right) supporting ACAS and Insolvency Service members on strike. Photo: SP

Nominations have closed in the PCS union general secretary and assistant general secretary elections. It is clear that Marion Lloyd’s demand for change in PCS has won support from across the union, from different groups, regions and nations.

Socialist Party member Marion is the candidate backed by the PCS Broad Left Network (BLN), and is running on a joint ticket with Independent Left-supported AGS candidate John Moloney.

The final tally of nominations for Marion and John, and for their opponents Fran Heathcote and Paul O’Connor, who are the candidates supported by the current leading group in the union, will be announced later.

Marion has won every hustings she was invited to. Members and activists have expressed their frustration at the closing down of the national campaign on pay and pensions, at the lack of support for reps and centralisation of democracy, and the deaf ear shown by the current leadership when concerns are raised. Marion has convinced members with a fighting programme. She has experience as a campaigner and organiser across all areas of the union, and has committed to stay on her current civil service wage and donate the rest of the general secretary salary back to the union’s campaigns.

Now the campaign to win a fighting, democratic general secretary, who leads a serious fight and builds the confidence of members, begins in earnest! Voting opens in a postal ballot on 9 November.

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The Broad Left Network brings together socialists and activists across all departments and groups, committed to building the strength of the union against government attacks. To change the union needs members to get organised and campaign for that fighting programme at all levels of the union.

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