Socialist Party gazebo at stop the war on Gaza protest. Photo: Lenny Shail
Socialist Party gazebo at stop the war on Gaza protest. Photo: Lenny Shail

So far there have been two massive demonstrations in Central London calling for ‘an end to the violence’ and for ’stopping the massacre in Gaza’. London Socialist Party members have prioritised attending these demos with our socialist ideas of working-class unity and mass struggle – and we have had great responses.

Our many stalls and gazebos have been met with enthusiasm, with people queueing up to discuss with us, buy our newspaper, take our leaflets, sign up to get more information about joining the Socialist Party, hold our placards (with demands that point the way forward) and to donate to our fighting fund.

Hundreds of people, when asked, have donated generously in return for placards and posters.

On 14 October we sold over 1,000 copies of The Socialist and raised over £2,500 in fighting fund donations. We had a similarly excellent response on 21 October. These sales and donations are gratefully received in order to further assist our work building support for socialist ideas.

For the 21 October demo, Socialist Party members invested hours, and hundreds of pounds making 800 placards and printing 10,000 double-sided A4 leaflets. We have since bought 1,000 more ‘protest sticks’, and will be printing the posters on card to make even more placards for the next protest. 

On 28 October, all London Socialist Party branches will again prioritise supporting the Palestine demonstration and will be spreading our socialist ideas amongst the demonstrators, many of whom are angry, politically-minded young people. The fighting fund that we have raised so far is vital to help us produce the resources we will use on this Saturday’s demo, and is vital too to help fund the fight for socialism more broadly in Britain and worldwide. Can you help fund the socialist fightback? Donate now!

John Dolan, Enfield and Lea Valley Socialist Party