Swindon Socialist Party members including Eris (right) Photo: Scott Hunter
Swindon Socialist Party members including Eris (right) Photo: Scott Hunter

Why I joined the Socialist Party

Eris, Swindon Socialist Party

I and many others are pissed off with Tory bullshit and capitalist rule. Rishi Sunak has declared the recalling of trans rights, our generation has been born into economic crisis, living an entire life through recession after recession, and quarantine.

Young people’s anger often manifests in a hesitance to talk about politics, or apathy, as the system seems too big to fight. However, after Covid, I found myself becoming more politically inclined, going to protests if one came about.

I first saw a Socialist Party campaign stall in the town centre in late 2022. There I bought a Socialist paper.

Reading it made me hopeful that there was actually a group in Swindon that wanted to address systemic issues. When I next saw a stall in May, I filled out a ‘join the Socialist Party’ card, and joined a week later.

If I don’t fight, me and everyone else I know will face an awful future. I cannot do this alone. So joining an organisation based around socio-economic policies I support will do much more than I can do by myself.

In the last few years, we have faced pandemics, brutal police suppression against peaceful protests and vigils, nearly 150,000 officially recorded hate crimes just last year in the UK, and war crimes committed against innocent people.

Younger generations will be considerably more radical. I and others my age were born with economic crisis emerging, and even younger generations are born several recessions deep!

Over the next few years, we will see disillusionment in the capitalist system grow, and more young people fighting with us for socialism.

Each and every person fighting for the hope of a future where we can actually receive healthcare, where we can afford to survive, where people don’t go out in public fearing violence or death for the ‘crime’ of being systemically marginalised.

We fight for the hope of a better world. Progress has no time to lose.