Ali Cook, Dorset Socialist Party

Every year our Socialism event is something to look forward to. It is an opportunity to learn about many different aspects of our struggle – over 30 different workshops in fact! This year includes: ‘Gaza under siege’, ‘Building Marxism in trade unions and workplaces’, Marxist economics and many more. (See for the full programme.)

Speaking as someone who lives in quite a remote area of the country, can at times feel a bit isolated far from the ‘big city’ struggles. Socialism is an opportunity to see all the Socialist Party does and hear the experiences of people from up and down the country.

Perhaps you are looking for a way to fight back, but haven’t yet decided if the Socialist Party is for you. Socialism is a weekend of discussion and debate so come along and let’s see if you want to join.

Increasing numbers of young people are looking towards socialist ideas, so its great that tickets are staying at the same price as last year and students pay as little as £10 per day. To get a top-tier political education to prepare for the struggles to come, it’s a bargain!

So come along to Socialism 2023, you won’t regret it!