London protest against war on Gaza. Photo: Ian Pattison
London protest against war on Gaza. Photo: Ian Pattison

For democratic mass struggle by Palestinians to fight for liberation

Build a mass workers’ alternative to Sunak and Starmer

The horrors of war fill our screens and airwaves.

Israeli forces advance deeper into the Gaza rubble and continue to drop further devastation from the skies. Two million people, half of them children, under constant fear of death and facing starvation and disease under siege. Over 8,000 have already perished. In the West Bank, hundreds of Palestinians have been driven from their homes and dozens killed.

Millions worldwide have taken to the streets, including in defiance of bans on pro-Palestinian protests in France. In Britain too, the Tories have threatened to repress protests – not that it has worked; the 28 October London protest was the biggest yet. Across the Middle East, millions have marched on pro-Palestinian protests, some expressing opposition to their own governments. Protesters in Egypt faced police violence when chants calling for an end to the repressive rule of President Sisi developed.

Potential power

The potential power of the millions-strong protests is huge. It would be strengthened by building mass political forces making the case for a united workers’ struggle and for socialist change. In Britain, thousands chanted “Keir Starmer shame on you” in Trafalgar Square on 28 October; the Labour leader has suspended MP Andy McDonald for saying at a rally: “We won’t rest until all people, Israelis and Palestinians, between the river and the sea, can live in peaceful liberty”. Dozens of Labour councillors have resigned from the party.

Fighting to build a working-class political alternative to the Tories and New Labour in Britain, standing for socialism and internationalism, is crucial to build solidarity with the Palestinians’ struggle. Join the Socialist Party to help us fight for it.