Annabelle Phipps, Sheffield Socialist Party

A Socialist Party women’s day school was held in Sheffield on 29 October. In total, 26 members from different branches across the regions were in attendance. The day covered a variety of women’s issues and themes of class struggle. The day consisted of a main discussion in the morning titled ‘women in broken Britain’, delivered by national committee member Heather Rawling, which then allowed contributions and provided a rich conversation, and enabled us to hear multiple perspectives.

There also were two expertly delivered workshops, one on Marxist economics and one on dialectical materialism. The Marxist economics workshop was led by Maddie Rooney and the dialectical materialism session was led by Leah Byatt. Both workshops had very good receptions and lots of contributions which, again, made for rich discussions.

At the end of the day, there was time for everyone to gather together and review the day and give feedback. This will inform future events like this one and again, tell people what could be done in the fight for women and to aid the class struggle.

The day in general had a really positive turnout and seemed to also have a positive effect on those who attended. Members were motivated after the event. The mood throughout the day was one of inspiration and determination. Overall, a really productive day.