Reading Socialist Party campaigning
Reading Socialist Party campaigning


Some Reading Socialist Party members went to the massive demo in London, while many others dropped by to help our campaign local stall.

We gave out lots of our socialist leaflets about the war on Gaza, and invited people to our next meeting. We also raised £53 to help us produce more, including 14 people who bought a Socialist paper.

A lot of people are justifiably angry about what’s going on. I’m incredibly proud to belong to a party that offers an alternative to capitalist chaos and inequality.

Melanie Dent


Tremendous Socialist Party campaign stall, reflecting growing anger. £116 raised, including 38 people buying a Socialist paper.

One young worker, who bought our paper a couple of weeks ago, read it, along with our leaflet, came back to join the Socialist Party.

We protested in Castle Square the next day. All of us were wet again, with mashed placards, but flying the socialist flag is important. 

Alec Thraves


We were able to organise a stall as well as attend the rally in Swindon. We were able to have a number of really great discussions with people, explaining our position and agreeing that it was only joint working-class action that could truly bring an end to the bloodshed and violence in the region. Sales of the Socialist were frequent and donations were readily made.

The response from the public was positive and indicative of the feeling that the bombing and siege must end.

With neither the Tories or Labour calling for this though it is more clear than ever that a new mass workers’ party must be built.

Rob Pettefar