Fund the fight for socialist change worldwide!

A world without war, poverty, and oppression; a world where the elite 1% doesn’t own and control the world’s vast resources; where the talent and skills of individuals is used for the benefit of all; where policies are in the interest of the working-class majority.

Such a world is possible. But for it to become a reality, we need to get rid of the existing profit system and replace it with socialism.

The Socialist Party has the ideas and programme to make that happen. We say that the working class, young people, and the masses have the power to get rid of capitalism and build a new system, to have a planned economy, publicly owned under the democratic control and management of the working class.

If you want to change the world, join us at Socialism 2023, on the 25-26 November, at the Institute of Education in London.

Socialism 2023 is the annual event organised by the Socialist Party. It is a weekend full of discussion on socialist ideas – learning the lessons of mass struggle and organising the fightback for socialist change worldwide.

Historic mass movements have toppled repressive governments, brought social change, and challenged backward ideas. Inspiring movements have shown us the masses have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting organised and fighting back. Capitalism is a global system in multiple crises; getting rid of it requires international working-class struggle.

An international socialist organisation is needed to share the lessons of those movements, current and historic, and to assist in the building of fighting, socialist forces all over the world. The Socialist Party is part of the Committee for Workers’ International (CWI) – a starting point towards developing that mass, revolutionary party internationally.

A big part of the Saturday rally at every Socialism event is the financial appeal. The Socialist Party does not have any rich backers. To make sure we are able to get our socialist message out as widely as possible by producing leaflets, posters and the Socialist newspaper, we rely on donations from our members and the working  class as a whole.

We urge all our readers to think about what they can donate and make sure we have the most successful appeal possible. Everything that is raised goes to fund the fight for socialism. This year, a third of all donations received will go to the building of our international, the CWI.

How much can you pledge to help build the force that can lead the fight for socialist change worldwide?