Holly (left) on one of the Palestine protests. Photo: Paula Mitchell
Holly (left) on one of the Palestine protests. Photo: Paula Mitchell

Why I joined the Socialist Party

Holly Bennett, Waltham Forest Socialist Party

I started to become disillusioned with the Labour Party due to the unjust smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, from people within his own party. And, after reading the ‘Labour Leaks’ document, and watching the Al Jazeera ‘Labour Files’ series, I soon realised that I could no longer vote for a party which sought to deny not only its members, but workers and young people generally of a better life.

Just when I thought that Labour couldn’t disappoint me anymore, Keir Starmer could not find the decency to back a ceasefire during the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, which has seen over 12,000 Palestinians murdered, and Gazans denied of basic human rights.

Only 56 Labour MPs backed the call for a ceasefire. Opinion polls say that 76% of people in the UK back a ceasefire. Labour MPs are clearly not representative or democratic. 

Whilst I regarded myself as ‘politically homeless’ for the last few years, I always found myself dipping in and out of the local Socialist Party branch’s news emails.

Standing in solidarity

Whilst attending the protests in solidarity with Palestine, I noticed that the political party on the ground, always doing the work, and always standing in solidarity with people is the Socialist Party. Not only does the Socialist Party back the mass movement calling for a ceasefire, but it proposes a socialist solution of transferring the means of production to working-class Palestinians and Israelis alike. 

Since joining the Socialist Party, I have absorbed a great deal of knowledge, and I am constantly learning, growing and developing a more comprehensive understanding why society needs and deserves a socialist movement. I am very grateful to have met a group of people who are more than willing to help me on my journey.