Protesters with Socialist Party material on the London demo. Photo: Adam Powell-Davies
Protesters with Socialist Party material on the London demo. Photo: Adam Powell-Davies

1. After the demo… Come to the Rally for Socialism! Part of the Socialism 2023 weekend

There is no better place to be on Saturday evening and Sunday. Join hundreds of other working-class fighters and socialist activists, coming together to draw on shared experiences to discuss how best to organise and fight for every possible gain for the working class, and struggle for socialist change worldwide.

All the workshops, Saturday’s ‘Rally for Socialism’, and the anti-war rallies on Sunday take place at the Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, WC1H 0AL. Nearest tube stations: Russell Square, Euston, Euston Square

Socialist Party members are inviting everyone we meet on the 25 November Gaza demo to come along.

2. Organise a walkout at your school or college

Socialist Party members are active in Socialist Students, that organises in universities, colleges and schools across the UK. Get in touch if you would like help organising protests or meetings wherever you are!

See here for more details.

3. Organise a meeting, protest or lobby

Would you like to help organise a protest or lobby of your local councillor or MP, a meeting of your workmates, or move a motion at your trade union branch? Get in touch!

Thousands are considering what steps need to be taken towards developing a political alternative to the Tories and Starmer’s Labour.

The organisations with the most authority to take steps towards a mass working-class political alternative are the trade unions, which have led the fight against the Tories during the more-than-a-year-long strike wave.

Socialist Party members in those unions are fighting for them to take steps towards a new party by backing a list of workers’ candidates for the general election. But preparations for a general election stand need to begin now. The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, which the Socialist Party participates in, has written to other left-wing and campaigning organisations inviting them to co-host a convention in the new year to make such preparations. Can you help campaign in your trade union in support of this?

4. Donate to fund the fight for socialism

Hundreds of thousands of people have come out on the streets, protesting and marching together in an anti-war movement that has been inspiring to see. Those who have participated have felt the strength in numbers and collective determination to end the slaughter that is taking place in Gaza.

Many are looking to do all they can to stop the onslaught on Gaza, and for the socialist ideas needed. The Socialist Party has been on those demos, fighting for those ideas.

Since the beginning of September we have spent £10,022.20 on printing. We have spent £7,200 for 7,500 placard sticks alone, with the demands to ‘End Israeli State Terror’, ‘For a Socialist Intifada’ and to ‘Build a mass workers’ alternative to Sunak and Starmer’. We have distributed tens of thousands of leaflets and newspapers. All have been hugely popular because they point a way forward, with many protesters donating generously in support.

The Saturday evening rally at Socialism 2023 will include a financial appeal to help continue to fund our resources. This year, a third of all the donations we receive will go towards building the Committee for a Workers’ International – the international to which the Socialist Party is affiliated, made up of socialist fighters in different countries around the world.

Donate now to fund the fight for socialism!

5. Join the Socialist Party

War and conflict is on the rise. But the global mass movement in support of the Palestinians does point towards the working-class ‘superpower’ that could end this rotten system and start to build new socialist societies able to meet the aspirations of the working classes and poor masses of the Middle East and worldwide. Revolutionaries have a vital role to play, not just in supporting and building the mass movements, but in arguing for the socialist programme that is needed for victory.

The lessons of the ‘Arab Spring’ of 2011, when uprisings were followed by new authoritarian rulers, civil war and failed states, is that spontaneous mass movements are not enough. The working class and poor need their own independent political organisations with a programme that points to how capitalism can be thrown into the dustbin of history and replaced by socialism.

By replacing private ownership of the main corporations with public ownership and democratic control by the working class and poor masses, it would be possible to end shortages and poverty for all, laying the basis for building a socialist world free from war, oppression and national tensions.

Wherever we organise, our members fight for the things working-class people need. Everyone should have a warm home, a well-paid job, quality NHS healthcare, free education and more, while protecting our environment. We work to build fighting democratic trade unions and a new workers’ party, to help build a mass struggle for socialism.

Our branches across the country are discussing and campaigning week in, week out! it’s easy to get involved, and you have an important role to play – join us!