Sit-down protest at Charing Cross station. Photo: Paul Mattsson
Sit-down protest at Charing Cross station. Photo: Paul Mattsson

Build a mass socialist alternative to Sunak and Starmer

Unwavering support for the Israeli regime’s brutal siege of Gaza; cruel, anti-migrant rhetoric; and promises for cut backs ‘more painful’ than those we have already had inflicted on our public services. The Tories just keep making things worse

By January 2025, households will be £1,900 a year worse off than they were when Boris Johnson took over in 2019. This will be the first parliament in 70 years where living standards have gone backwards.

The Autumn Statement will mean more misery. 14% cuts for ‘unprotected’ public services, including bankruptcy-ridden local government. And for all the bluster about tax cuts, this Tory government will have increased taxes by £70 billion – the vast majority of it paid by ordinary workers.

The Tories are so universally hated, even their own leading figures are preparing for life after an election defeat.

Millions hope against hope that anyone but the Tories will be better.

But Labour under Keir Starmer refuses to back a Gaza ceasefire, his frontbenchers parrot the Tories’ anti-migrant sentiments and promise ‘ironclad fiscal responsibility’ – a continuation of cutbacks.

One Labour spokesperson revealed the Labour leadership’s attitude that so-called, self-inflicted ‘fiscal rules’ are more important than any policy.

The money is there to pay for the building of millions of high-quality council homes, a decent pay rise for NHS workers and others linked to the rising cost of living, and a huge investment in renewable energy and home insulation. The money is there for free education and a reversal of the public service cuts of the last 13 years of Tory rule.

The problem being that it is in the bank accounts of the super-rich. We need a new mass workers’ party that fights to take the wealth off the super-rich to fund the services we need; that fights for nationalisation of rail, mail and the utilities; that wholeheartedly backs workers fighting for pay rises and supports the Palestinians’ struggle for national self-determination. We need a new mass workers’ party that fights for socialism.