Stop the War on Gaza demo 21 October 2023. Photo: Paul Mattsson
Stop the War on Gaza demo 21 October 2023. Photo: Paul Mattsson

Build the student walkouts

Adam Powell Davies, Socialist Students

Over ten thousand slaughtered at the hands of the Israeli state in Gaza. It’s no wonder that the demos across Britain and the world have been so big.

Young people have been spearheading the movement, motivated by anger at what the Israeli state is doing, but also anger at the hypocrisy of politicians, Tories and Labour.

Suella Braverman tried to stop us from protesting, she tried to brand the marches as ‘hate marches’, but now she is out of her job. The Tories are there for the taking. We don’t have to stop at getting Braverman out, we can get the whole lot out!

Thousands of students have already walked out of their classes to protest against the war on Gaza. We want to see more of that, and discussion about the ideas needed to end war and oppression.

We want to see protests outside of school gates, marches to local MPs’ offices or a lobby to demand they explain their position on the Israeli state’s onslaught in Gaza.

We should say to those politicians that if they are unprepared to stand against war and to fight for a decent future for young people, then we are going to organise to stand candidates against them.

We have to continue to build this movement against war and capitalism. Young people can be the fiercest fighters for that kind of movement and for a socialist future. Because we have only ever known capitalism as a system in crisis – with a lack of affordable housing, cost of living rising and our education system crumbling.

Black Lives Matter, the Sarah Everard protests, and now over Gaza – young people are fighting back against racism, sexism and war. We need to fight for an end to the system that produces and reproduces all these horrors.

That’s why young socialists in the Socialist Party and Socialist Students are launching a campaign to build a socialist youth movement against war – centred on schools, colleges and universities.

Get in touch, join us, and help build the socialist movement against war and oppression in your area.