Disabled workers protesting. Photo Paul Mattsson (uploaded 23/04/2021)
Disabled workers protesting. Photo Paul Mattsson (uploaded 23/04/2021)

Reading Socialist Party member

As always, a Tory Chancellor’s Autumn Statement offered next to nothing to help ordinary people. Not that we should be surprised! We are being forced to pay for the capitalist class’s catastrophic ‘mistakes’ built into their chaotic system.

What riles me most is the proposal that all disabled people are expected to work from home. Will the government fund internet access, computers, scanners and printers for those who do not have them? Of course not! Disabled people will be expected to meet the cost out of already dwindling funds. A lot of chronic health conditions already require out-of-pocket expenses for things like mobility aids simply to make life more bearable. These items are necessities not luxuries!

Benefit fraud is actually quite low and, once again, people are being demonised and persecuted for something they didn’t choose. If the Tories want to know about fraud they really should look closer to home and their dodgy expense claims.

As someone who has numerous hidden disabilities I am incensed by this. I could physically work, given the opportunity. But there are people who genuinely can’t. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to health and disability, hidden or otherwise. We need to fight for those in our own communities who have no voice.