Photo: James Ivens

Mila Hughes, Coventry Socialist Party

The United Nations has warned that “an even more hellish scenario is about to unfold” in the Gaza Strip and attempts at aid operations are hindered by Israeli bombardment and tank shelling.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli government has said it is open to “constructive feedback” to mitigate risk to civilians – so long as this is consistent with their aim to destroy Hamas. Nearly 16,000 have been killed so far. The spokesman said “the United States sees eye-to-eye with us about the strategic objectives of this war”; as usual the British Tory government follows, and so does Labour’s Keir Starmer. Britain’s Ministry of Defence has confirmed it will conduct surveillance flights over Gaza, assisting the Israeli military.

The system we live under, capitalism, prioritises profit interests and power, however many deaths that results in. For most young people, we’ve witnessed endless economic crisis in Britain, as long as we can remember. We have had enough with capitalism’s cheap ‘solutions’ for devastating problems. That’s why Socialist Students is building for more student walkouts to fight against this war on Gaza!

From Sheffield to East London, students and young people are getting organised and have protested outside of their schools, colleges and universities against brutal Israeli state terror. Young working-class people are using their voices to put necessary pressure to not only call for an immediate permanent ceasefire, but for the right of Palestinians to national self-determination. Socialist Students campaigners are making the case that this means fighting for socialist change.

Call a walkout in your school, college or university. Get in touch with Socialist Students to discuss what steps you can take. Help us built the youth movement against war, to kick out the Tories and to replace the broken capitalist system with socialism!

What you can do

  1. Organise a public meeting at your school or college to discuss how we can build the campaign
  2. Call and organise a protest outside your school gates and march to your local MP’s office. Join a lobby of your local MP or councillors alongside other students, workers, and trade unionists
  3. Set up a school or college students’ union to strengthen our movement
  4. Join the socialists! Scan the QR code to link up with other young socialists near you

The Socialist Party demands:

  • End the siege – for the immediate permanent withdrawal of the Israeli military from the occupied territories
  • For a mass struggle of the Palestinians, under their own democratic control, to fight for liberation
  • For the building of independent workers’ parties in Palestine and Israel and links between them
  • For an independent, socialist Palestinian state, alongside a socialist Israel, with guaranteed democratic rights for all minorities, as part of the struggle for a socialist Middle East
  • No trust in capitalist politicians, internationally or in Britain. Fight to build a workers’ party in Britain that stands for socialism and internationalism