Donations being counted at the Socialism 2023 appeal
Donations being counted at the Socialism 2023 appeal

Isai Marijerla, Socialist Party treasurer

The last two months have been a very difficult time. The news of the total bombardment on Gaza and the collective punishment inflicted by the Israeli state has further shown that capitalism is a system of war and destruction.

Capitalism fails to provide the basics for billions of people. But, at the same time, this system makes huge sums of profit for the super-rich and multinational companies. Socialist ideas, an alternative to this chaos, are getting an echo.

Support for the Socialist Party’s ideas is reflected in the donations we have received. Our quarterly October-December target of £25,000 has been smashed. We have raised £37,395 campaigning, including people donating to us on the hundreds of anti-war demonstrations across the country.

This has meant that we had the funds to boldly put forward a socialist programme to end the war on Gaza, and for the national liberation of the Palestinian people. We have produced thousands of placards, and tens of thousands of leaflets. Many agreed with us, and donated to fund the fight for a socialist world.

Throughout the year, Socialist Party branches have been out campaigning for better living standards for working-class and young people. Our members have been out supporting workers taking strike action, and have joined them at picket lines and protests. And we have organised campaign stalls for an inflation-proof pay rise, for genuinely affordable homes for all, to save our NHS and other vital services.

At the Socialism 2023 rally, we launched a public appeal to raise another £35,000. And we agreed a third of those donations would go towards building the work of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) – the international socialist organisation that we are a part of.

We are pleased to announce that another £48,000 has been pledged, and £32,692 has already been paid in. Please pay your pledge by the end of December.

We want to thank all those who donated and helped to raise funds. This means that we are able to do all the work that we have done to build the struggle.