Socialist Students conference 2024 – preparing to kick out the Tories

2023 has seen yet more devastation wrought across the globe by capitalism. The horrific siege on Gaza is just the latest example of the dystopian reality that this anarchic, unequal system offers to billions around the world.

In Britain, the hated Tories are facing disaster at the next general election. They are widely hated for inflicting attacks on young people and workers on behalf of a capitalist system in crisis. But what kind of alternative would a Starmer-led Labour government be?

Keir Starmer has lined up behind the Tories in supporting the brutality of the Israeli state. Policy after policy, broken pledge after broken pledge, Starmer has shown that his Labour Party will offer ‘more of the same’ by ruling in the interests of the super-rich and the capitalist establishment. That means crushing the aspirations of young people and the working class – including opposing free education, inflation-proof pay rises, or effective action on climate change.

Capitalism is incapable of offering a decent future for young people and students, in Britain and across the world. So come to Socialist Students conference in Birmingham on Saturday 10 February to discuss:

  • How we can build the movement to end the war on Gaza and kick out the Tories
  • How students can prepare for a new era of struggle under a Starmer-led Labour government
  • How we can finally do away with this rotten capitalist system and achieve a socialist society

…and more!