Why I joined the Socialist Party-standing together we are stronger

Protest against austerity. Photo: Paul Mattsson

New member of the Socialist Party in Huddersfield

I believe in the importance of standing up for the less fortunate, combined with the power of collective action.

On benefits, and living in a council house, with a child, I have experienced first-hand the effects of capitalism and right-wing policies. They do not meet the needs of those at the bottom of the ladder.

My introduction to socialism came from JB Priestley’s play ‘An Inspector Calls’. I studied it in GCSE English.

I was inspired by the call to justice from the inspector character. My teacher explained how the wealthy family in the play represented capitalism. Whilst the girl, in whose death each family member individually plays a part, represented socialism.

I highly recommend giving this a read. I decided I was a socialist.


I have worked in various law firms and corporate settings, in order to gain experience, and try to provide for myself and my seven-year-old daughter. The ‘law firm and corporate culture’ is dissuasive toward socialist and left-wing viewpoints, and instead promotes right-wing capitalist and corporate ideologies, for the bosses’ own benefit.

But this is to the downfall of workers, and individuals from less affluent backgrounds. Conservative and right-wing policies do not meet their needs in the provision of services, healthcare and education.

This is why I was so inspired when I heard about the Socialist Party. I was drawn to the party’s clear and bold policies and ideas.

Contrast this with Labour flitting between right and left, prioritising power at the expense of societal needs. The Socialist Party’s approach inspires confidence, as it has from myself.

Our policies, such as prevention of council cuts and opposition to the current war in Gaza, could attract new members. Keir Starmer’s abhorrent refusal to call for a ceasefire has allowed continued bloodshed of children and civilians.

Anyone personally affected by, or against government austerity measures, which by design deprive us of sufficient education, healthcare and basic living needs, may be attracted to the Socialist Party too.

I would not have had the courage to rally on a Socialist Party campaign stall for the first time, were it not for Socialist Party members Iain Dalton and Kevin Pattison standing with me, and showing me the ropes.


A little encouragement goes a long way. And strength is in numbers. The more we offer our strength to stand up against the current power system, the more we inspire others to do the same.

Since joining, I have met some great friends, and gained much insight and education into the state of society, and how we can serve it for the better. I am proud to call myself a member of the Socialist Party, and am committed to doing my part to help the party grow.

With individual and collective drive and determination, and standing together, we can create a healthier and fairer society for the many.