Mansfield TUSC on May Day Protest
Mansfield TUSC on May Day Protest

Millions will rejoice when the Tories are finally booted out of office.

But Keir Starmer’s Labour has promised to continue Tory spending cuts, refused to grant striking workers with the inflation-busting pay rises they need, and Starmer’s awful position on Gaza has been no different to the Tories.

A Starmer-led government will act on behalf of the capitalist class.

The workers’ movement would be in a much stronger position if it had it its own mass party. The Socialist Party, part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), is campaigning for the strongest possible list workers’ candidates for the local elections in May and the general election, as a step towards this.

TUSC is organising a convention to discuss organising a working-class challenge to the Tories and Starmer’s Labour, taking place in Birmingham on 3 February.

In issue 1256 of the Socialist newspaper a number of articles detail the need for such an alternative and steps being made already to prepare one: