Southampton Socialist Party campaign stall
Southampton Socialist Party campaign stall

Southampton – Labour close eyes to homeless

A local housing adviser and advocate stopped at our Socialist Party campaign stall. They informed us that the council had promised to house all the homeless in Southampton and provide them with the support they needed.

Clearly, due to their inaction from the Labour council, reality is much different. It seems our homeless are dehumanised so much by the council that they no longer exist from the Labour Party’s perspective!

Catherine Clarke

Boscombe – ordinary people see Tory and Labour failure

More people than ever are looking for an alternative to the politics we currently endure. I had conversations with people who were not previously into politics, but were starting to question the current situation. There was agreement that Labour leader Keir Starmer offered nothing different to the Tories.

We also had even more enthusiasm from others. One couple was eager to pick up a Socialist paper, and also find out more about what the Socialist Party has to offer.

Mark Richards

Salisbury – Socialist Party out campaigning against war

The Socialist Party stall was campaigning to stop the war on Gaza. It was encouraging.

There was support for our stance of the need for workers’ unity to resolve the conflict. This included support for building new mass workers’ parties in Palestine, Israel, and here at home. Starmer’s incessant support for Israel’s occupation has angered people.

Ali Cooke