Liverpool Socialist Students at the strike rally. Photo: Alex Smith
Liverpool Socialist Students at the strike rally. Photo: Alex Smith

Gaza – capitalism and war

Nandi Shalita, Queen Mary Socialist Students

The death and destruction perpetrated in Gaza has resulted in millions of people taking to the streets across the world, marching for peace and liberation. And students are protesting, on and off campus, for their schools and government to take a stand and condemn what is being done to the Palestinians.

The Tory government has tried to stop the discussion of this on campuses. This shows the potential power we hold – they’re scared of what we’re capable of!

At Socialist Students national conference there will be discussion about how we can wield our power for real change. We’ll discuss how we can build the student walkout movement against the siege on Gaza.

13 years of austerity, as well as the Tories’ attitude about the horrors being committed against Gazans, has all but ensured that they will not be re-elected. Is Keir Starmer’s Labour any better?

Starmer, and many other Labour MPs, have refused to call for a ceasefire or condemn the actions of the Israeli state. For a long time now, Labour has not been a party for working-class and young people. Starmer showed no real support or solidarity towards the unions during the strike wave, and he went back on his pledge to get rid of tuition fees.

Join us to discuss how to organise a voice for youth and students at the upcoming general election. We need a government that represents us.

Join us for our Socialist Student conference to discuss how to maximise our power to demand better.

You’re not alone thinking everything is broken

Hollie Buisson, Sheffield Socialist Students

Britain is a broken country. Skyrocketing poverty, crumbling public services, the never-ending cost-of-living crisis. The Tories, instead of helping the working class, look to divide us with anti-union laws, xenophobic immigration propaganda, and stoking ‘culture wars’.

It’s a lot to take in. And, as a young person, it can make you feel powerless.

But since joining Socialist Students, it’s reassuring that you’re not alone. It’s given me the space to talk to like-minded students about issues that are affecting us.

We know this isn’t unique to Britain, but this is capitalist society working as intended. We know that a Labour government under Keir Starmer won’t fix these issues, and will continue to create policy that only benefits the 1% – because he keeps telling us so!

At the Socialist Students conference last year, we all agreed it is time for change. The formation of a new workers’ party would be a big step forward in the fight for systemic change needed to beat cuts to social services, replace student loans with grants we can actually live on, fighting to scrap anti-union laws, and for a better socialist future for all.