Protest against the war on Gaza in Bristol. Photo: Nick Clare
Protest against the war on Gaza in Bristol. Photo: Nick Clare

A general election could be called at any point between now and the end of the year. The Tories are absolutely hated, but through the strike wave and the huge Gaza protests, Labour has failed to stand firmly on our side.

As it stands, the working class will go into the election with no mass force contesting on its side against the bosses.

We need a new mass workers’ party, and an important step forward in that process would be a workers’ list of candidates for the general election. Why not Jeremy Corbyn and others ousted by Starmer standing under the same banner as socialists, trade unionists and anti-war campaigners? Even better if the best anti-Tory fighters of the last 18 months – the trade unions – gave their backing too. That is what Socialist Party members are campaigning for.

But concrete preparations can’t wait. That’s why the Socialist Party sent delegates to a convention organised by TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), to which socialist groups were invited to discuss preparing the broadest possible left-of-Labour stand at the general election.

For the local elections in May, Socialist Party members will be standing for TUSC, and we encourage all who want to fight the cuts and help build a working-class political voice in their area to stand with us.

  • The TUSC steering committee has begun approving candidates to stand under its banner. You can find the core policy platform that all TUSC candidates sign up to at