Protesting outside Mansfield Labour council's cuts meeting
Protesting outside Mansfield Labour council's cuts meeting

This is an edited version of the Socialist Party leaflet handed out when Mansfield Labour council voted for cuts.

After years of past cuts, Mansfield District Council’s £5 million more cuts in the next three years are all to vital services – Shopmobility scheme, public toilets in Warsop and Woodhouse, and even grants to local community groups providing some of the services cut in past years!

It will be the elderly, disabled and poorest in Mansfield hit hardest. But the whole town will be poorer, with cuts to the market, events, and floral displays that bring people into the shopping centres.

Like every other council, Mansfield has had its money slashed by years of Tory government cuts. Our taxes have been handed out to big business and the super-rich, while working-class households struggle to pay their basic bills.

The council in Mansfield is run by Labour. Mansfield councillors have a choice – they can meekly pass on Tory cuts, or fight for the money our community needs.

Councillors have a choice

Councillors should refuse to vote for any cuts, council tax or rent rises, or increased charges. They can set a balanced budget for the next year using the council’s reserves and borrowing power, and use the time to build a campaign with trade unions and the whole community to demand the money needed from central government.

Many councils are in financial crisis. The Tory government is weak and divided.

Labour councillors could lead a campaign to speed the end of this rotten government of the rich. But Labour under Starmer is making clear there will be no more money for our vital services.

If Labour won’t fight for us, we need councillors and MPs who will.