Protest against war on Gaza. Photo: Paul Mattsson
Protest against war on Gaza. Photo: Paul Mattsson

Fight for socialist change

British ships and fighter jets have joined US forces in striking Yemen.

The Tory government, that has spent more than a decade destroying our public services, is now firing millions of pounds of explosives into the Middle East.

Two million Palestinians in Gaza face daily bombardment from Israeli forces, backed by US and British governments. Three million in the West Bank face worsening violence and oppression. The UN aid agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), responsible for providing food, medicine and education to six million registered Palestinian refugees in camps across the Middle East, has had funding suspended by the US, Britain and others.

How many more thousands of Palestinians and others across the region will die as a consequence?

“The UK and US are steadfast allies”, Sunak’s Tory government said in response to a major US escalation bombing 70 targets in Iraq and Syria. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, whose hero Tony Blair unleashed his own murderous horror on the people of Iraq, has not uttered a word of criticism. He has already given the thumbs up for airstrikes on Yemen and the Israeli siege on Gaza.

The anti-war movement in Britain and internationally already features in the calculations of global capitalist leaders. Mass protests in Britain ousted Tory home secretary Suella Braverman.

The movement would be strengthened further if the workers’ and trade union movement put its full weight behind it. This should include developing discussions between workers and their trade unions in the arms and logistics industries about workers’ action against the war.

It should also include preparing to back candidates in the general election prepared to fight for workers’ interests, and stand up against war and for the rights of Palestinians and other oppressed nationalities worldwide.

Capitalism is a system based on exploitation of the majority by the super-rich minority. War and conflict is an inevitable consequence of the bosses’ rule. And it is the working-class majority with the power to bring it to an end.

Fighting for an end to war means fighting for socialist change. Join us in that fight!