No to Sunak, No to Starmer! We need our own voice!

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Isai Marijerla, Socialist Party national treasurer

Socialist Party members across the country have been campaigning against the Tories, and putting forward a real alternative to the pro-cuts politicians. On the huge Gaza demos people chant “No to Sunak! No to Starmer!” And why wouldn’t they? Both sing from the same hymn sheet, backing up the Israeli state’s onslaught and joining the US in bombing Yemen. There is an urgent and dire need for a political voice for the working class which fights for our interests against the bosses.


But how do we build such a voice? Socialists Party members are fighting for a workers’ list in the upcoming general election – workers, trade unionists, socialists, standing on an anti-cuts, pro-worker and anti-war policies. And for May’s local elections, preparations are starting now for a stand as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Reflecting the growing support for this idea, more and more people have been buying the Socialist and making donations to back our campaigning. Supporters have donated to our fighting fund on picket lines, on campaign stalls in Port Talbot fighting to defend jobs at the steelworks, and on protests against the slaughter in Gaza.

More leaflets, posters & placards

The financial support we receive means that we are able to take our ideas and programme for a socialist alternative further and wider – with more leaflets, posters and placards. Please make a donation or help us with fundraising.

Every quarter we set a target of £25,000 and we are currently on £12,965. The quarter ends on the 31 March. If you are already a member of the Socialist Party, contact your branch to get more involved. If you are not yet a member, join us today and help us fight for a socialist alternative.