Hackney, east London

We held a paper sale in the ‘Narrow Way’ near Hackney Central station.

It was a very fruitful and useful session. Our main theme was campaigning for an alternative party to represent the working class as Labour has turned its back on us.

The party’s stance on Gaza in particular has caused dismay. “Children are dying and the Labour Party says nothing – what ever happened to them?”

Eddie Blindel


Our campaign stall turned out to be very lively. The conversations we had were well-considered and thought-out even though most of the people we spoke to had no particular political affiliations.

Benjamin Netanyahu was likened to a dictator and the US involvement and support for the war in Gaza was highlighted. The UK government’s increasingly restrictive legislation on protesting was a concern for one young person we spoke to, as well as the lack of democratic process in this country. As always, there was universal bewilderment regarding the purpose of the Labour Party and what Starmer stands for.

Mark Richards


Leicester Socialist Party now has the capacity to do an extra Saturday campaign stall in Loughborough.

One person we spoke to said they were part of Reform UK, and their main concern seemed to be immigration. But they agreed with us 100% on our demands for decent jobs for all, a £15-an-hour minimum wage, and to fully fund the NHS. Reform UK doesn’t even say if it will keep any form of guaranteed minimum wage!

A Muslim woman who had seen us on protests asked if we would stand a candidate in the general election, because they couldn’t support any of the other main parties.

We had a good discussion with one man who supported what we had to say but was unable to read our leaflet. But he took it away, saying he would scan it into his computer and translate it into audio.

Heather Rawling