Marion Lloyd supporting workers employed by ISS at BEIS. Photo: Rob WIlliams
Marion Lloyd supporting workers employed by ISS at BEIS. Photo: Rob WIlliams

Nominate Marion Lloyd for PCS president

In December 2023, Socialist Party member Marion Lloyd came within 800 votes of becoming general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), as the candidate of the PCS Broad Left Network (BLN).

Nominations have now opened for elections to the PCS National Executive Committee (NEC) and for president and vice-presidents. BLN activists continue to work jointly with the Independent Left, and now also a broad range of reps from right across the union to campaign for a leadership capable of tackling the challenges we face.

The BLN says

It took huge effort by reps and members to break the 50% voting threshold imposed by the Tories’ 2016 anti-union law and win a mandate for strike action. This action, in 2023, targeted and national, forced £1,500 out of the government.

We were having an effect. But at that pivotal moment, the union leadership cancelled strikes, cancelled reballots, and cancelled the strike levy that had helped to fund our campaign. They dishonestly called this “continuing the national campaign”. Time has proven they had no intention of fighting on pay and jobs.

On top of this, the national union ignored the huge appetite for action in the devolved nations. They capitulated, and they must be ousted.

What the BLN stands for

  • Pay justice
  • Build a national campaign to protect jobs, prevent office closures, improve pensions and fight to stop the attacks on hybrid/flexible working
  • Rebuild our union
  • We need a strong political voice: we will support those politicians who support our members and policies
  • Back our private sector members
  • Defend and expand democracy in PCS
  • Future-proof members’ terms and conditions: home-working and artificial intelligence are here to stay – but both must work for our members. We will fight for national agreements covering both
  • Promote green issues in our campaigns and demands
  • Equality and no discrimination in the workplace or union
  • Promote green issues and campaign for a socialist just transition

Please nominate


Lloyd, Marion (DSIT)


  • Carlsen, Bryan (HSE)
  • Laidlaw, Bev (DWP)
  • Semple, Dave (DfE)
  • Wesley, Hector (HMRC)

NEC members

  • Bishell, Tom (DWP)
  • Brittle, Fiona (Scottish Govt)
  • Carlsen, Bryan (HSE)
  • Chown, Josh (Home Office)
  • Clarke, Eleanor (Cabinet Office)
  • Criddle, Gemma (HMRC)
  • Cuckson, Victoria (HMRC)
  • Davidson, John (HMRC)
  • Day, Chris (National Archives)
  • Dennis, Alan (Defence)
  • Hamer, Chip (Culture)
  • Heemskerk, Rachel (DWP)
  • Jones, David (DLUHC)
  • Laidlaw, Bev (DWP)
  • Lawton, Reece (DWP)
  • Lloyd, Marion (DSIT)
  • Marks, Chris (DWP)
  • Menezes-Jackson, Vijay (DWP)
  • Norris, Liat (MoJ)
  • Ritchie, Rob (Met Police)
  • Rosser, Jon-Paul (HMRC)
  • Semple, Dave (DfE)
  • Smith, John (HMRC)
  • Spencer, Gary (DLUHC)
  • Tweedale, Saorsa-Amatheia (DWP)
  • Virtue, John (HMRC)
  • Williams, Katrine (DWP)
  • Worswick, Craig (Home Office)
  • Wright, Annette (HMRC)
  • Young, Bobby (HMRC)