Southampton Northam meeting.
Southampton Northam meeting.

Nadia Ditta, TUSC candidate in Bevois ward

Our meeting in Northam had a good turnout, was very interactive, and had good but challenging questions from the audience.

Socialist Party member Karen Rogers spoke passionately about tackling the housing crisis that we are facing. The council is piling rising costs onto the working class.

Its decision to increase rents in council properties is a political choice. And the Labour council looks to sell assets that are essentially ours.

One person wanted to know where the money would come from, as all they’ve seen is cuts.

The council does have access to reserves. And over £500 million has been stolen from Southampton by the Tory central government. We want that money back.

Another member of the audience said: “Enough is enough”. This is our chance for change. You will see us campaigning in Southampton, so watch this space.