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Photo: LucLacy_contact

Séamus Smyth, Northampton Socialist Party

It is over 150 days since the start of the most recent assault on Gaza, with over 30,000 Palestinians killed and over 70,000 injured. Northern Gaza has been transformed into a barren waste ground from continuous bombardment by the Israeli state.

Across the Gaza Strip there is a catastrophic humanitarian crisis unfolding, with food, drinking water and medical aid at an all-time low. Southern Gaza is now facing the murderous onslaught, with towns such as Rafah – once deemed a “safe zone” – being prepared for a ground offensive with missile strikes and more deaths.

This shows the reality of the capitalist system – war, famine and destruction which will cost countless lives. And capitalist politicians both here in Britain and internationally will continue to support the cruel actions of the Israeli state. While some politicians speak soothing words in opposition they ultimately continue to support the carnage that is taking place.

Regardless, it is the same politicians who try to defend and preserve the failing system of capitalism – a system of continuous crisis. Time and again, the same politicians who argue in favour of war and approve huge amounts of financial backing to continue it, carry on implementing brutal cuts and privatisations to our much-needed public services.

Yet, we have seen hundreds of thousands across the country and millions internationally take to the streets to voice their anger and to expose the double standards of their pro-capitalist governments. In schools, colleges and universities, students have organised walk-outs, demanding an end to Israeli state aggression in Gaza. The pressure from the anti-war movement forced the hated former Home Secretary Suella Braverman to resign last year and pushed Keir Starmer and the Labour leadership to call for a ‘humanitarian ceasefire’, in reality more empty words.

But the anti-war movement can go further if it is linked to the workers’ movement and trade unions. Unions could mobilise their workers in greater numbers onto the demonstrations, defend their members against victimisation and organise a dialogue between workers in the arms and logistics industries and anti-war campaigners to call for action against the war.

And, crucially, to put forward the steps needed for genuine worker’s political representation, to back candidates who are against the barbaric war on Gaza and the relentless cuts and exploitation here in Britain.

Bringing an end to war and national oppression, in Palestine and internationally, means fighting for socialist change. It is the working-class and poor masses internationally who have the power to bring that change about. Join the Socialist Party to fight for it.