Socialist Students placards. Photo: Josh Asker
Socialist Students placards. Photo: Josh Asker

No to Tory attacks on young peoples’ future

Adam Powell-Davies, Socialist Students national organiser

The Tories are set to announce their latest spending plans on 6 March, budget day. It will be yet another budget for the super-rich, enacted in the interests of big business and the banks.

Of course, the Tories will do nothing to solve the crises facing students and young people – a broken housing market, the sky-high cost of living, decaying public services, climate breakdown – the list seems endless.

So it’s no wonder the Tories are so hated. Plagued by infighting and scandals, they are headed for disaster in the next general election, which has to be called this year.

But who else can we vote for?

Many will look to Keir Starmer’s Labour Party as the best tool to get the Tories out, albeit as the ‘lesser of two evils’. Starmer has made clear that his Labour Party will rule in the same capitalist interests as the Tories, repeating his catchphrase of ‘fiscal discipline’ – a not-so-subtle codeword for more cuts and privatisation.

Starmer has transformed the Labour Party into a ‘safe pair of hands’ for big business, which puts capitalist profit-making before the lives of ordinary people, and young people’s futures. How can we trust a Labour leader, who has backed the slaughter of Palestinians, to defend young people and workers in Britain?

Socialist Students supports any election candidates prepared to make an anti-war, pro-working-class stand against the Tories, Starmer’s Labour, and all the other establishment parties. We also want to help stand student candidates in the general election, who put forward socialist demands to give young people a future – including free education, rent control, and a real living wage for all.

Socialist Students says:

  • Tories out! But Starmer’s Labour doesn’t fight for us
  • We need election candidates who stand against poverty, war and oppression
  • Build a new workers’ party with socialist policies
  • Prepare to build a new student movement against a future Starmer government
  • Fight for the socialist transformation of society in Britain, and across the world

Could you stand in the local elections in May?

Tories, Labour and all the other major parties have been making cuts in the council chambers for years. We need councillors who will actually fight for what we need, like decent student homes, and who are prepared to fight a future Starmer government for the funding our local communities need.

Socialist Students members will be standing in local elections around the country, as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

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