Obituary: Marika Smith 1965-2024

Socialist Party members in the Northern region were saddened to hear that our comrade and friend Marika Smith has passed away after a long illness.

Despite having many hard knocks thrown at her, Marika had a warm personality, and it was always a joy to meet up with her.

Marika always stood out in a crowd, with her fabulous (often red) punk hair and bright red lipstick. More importantly, she stood out as a class fighter.

Her fighting spirit was highlighted two years ago, when Marika was very unwell, but still absolutely determined to carry on standing as a TUSC candidate in Chowdene, Gateshead – and what an election team she had! With the help of her lovely family, Marika’s leaflets were distributed almost quicker than we could print them!

Marika was always courageously at the forefront of battles against racism and fascism. Perhaps the most apt epitaph for Marika is summed up in her own words, when she wrote on social media: “I was born to oppose those who want to spread hate.”

Our thoughts are with Marika’s husband, Chris, her daughter, Corrina, and sons Andre and Nathaniel.

Elaine Brunskill