Protest in support of Diane Abbott. Photo: Isai
Protest in support of Diane Abbott. Photo: Isai

Isai Marijerla Socialist Party national treasurer

“They have all lost my vote!” These were the words of the retired NHS worker from the Windrush generation outside Hackney Town Hall on Friday 15 March. He, like the thousands of people at the protest, came to show solidarity with Diane Abbott and to fight against racism.

The racist Tory business donor has highlighted again the rotten racism that exists in the Tory Party. We all know that the Tories are no friends of the working class of any background. All they care about is money and further profits. This is shown by their refusal to give the £15 million money back.

But for the people who attended the solidarity rally, there was also anger at Sir Keir Starmer and his Labour Party. Diane Abbott has been systematically targeted by Starmer for her support for Jeremy Corbyn and the manifesto he stood for. Starmer is still refusing to restore the whip because she is on the left.

It is becoming crystal clear that the Tories, Labour, or any other party that defends the capitalist profit system, are not going to fight against racism or fight for ordinary people.

We need socialist working-class candidates to challenge the capitalist system that is breeding racism. The Socialist Party has been campaigning to get both Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn to lead the movement for a new mass workers’ party. A party that will provide a decent life and livelihood for all and fight against racism and all oppression in society.

As a step in that direction, the Socialist Party is planning to stand anti-cuts, anti-racist, and anti-war candidates in the general election. But standing in the election costs money. For every candidate, we need a £500 deposit. Please donate to us today to support this campaign.

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We can challenge Sunak and Starmer and the racist ideas of capitalism. Help us send a clear message: No more cuts, no more war, end racism!