Nuneaton: exterminate the cuts!

Nuneaton Socialist Party

Nuneaton’s New Labour Lord Mayor Neil Phillips had a surprise recently as he chatted with campaigners from Nuneaton Against Cuts. He was quizzed by a very unusual constituent – a Dalek!

Dalek Dave wanted to know if the Mayor supported the local group, which seeks to link trade unions and communities in fighting the cuts caused by the bankers’ crisis.

With the Dalek’s death ray dangerously close, the Lord Mayor enthusiastically agreed. He also applauded Dave the Dalek’s condemnation of David Cameron’s government of millionaires.

But would he vote against the cuts? Too late – Nuneaton’s New Labour-controlled borough council has already accepted a £1.6 million cut in their funding without a word of protest!

As teaching and civil service unions prepare to strike to protect their pensions, an anti-cuts campaigner has produced a comprehensive list of jobs and services that have been lost in Nuneaton and north Warwickshire as part of the government’s cutbacks.

Dave got involved with the anti-cuts group after seeing his local Citizens Advice Bureau threatened with closure, and he’s promised to return at the end of July – “until the cuts are exterminated!”